Dr. Sin and Medjay at Espaço Fabrique in São Paulo
Postado em 18/08/2023

18 08The renowned band Dr. Sin is preparing to return to the stage with an epic show in the city of São Paulo. This show is a partnership with the Minas Gerais heavy metal band Medjay, which also features Armiferum as opening act. Formed by Andria Busic (vocals and bass), Ivan Busic (drums) and Thiago Melo (guitar), Dr. Sin is known for his contagious energy and impressive musical skills. With a history of iconic festivals like Rock in Rio, Hollywood Rock, M2000 Summer Concerts, Live n Louder, Skol Rock, Monsters of Rock and shows with bands like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Pantera, Ian Gillan, Bon Jovi, ACDC, Glenn Hugues, Kiss, Dr. Sin is one of the biggest names in Brazilian Hard Rock in the world.

This show in São Paulo marks a special occasion, as Dr Sin will perform songs from his first album, titled “Dr. Sin”. With a mix of brand new songs and classics beloved by fans, audiences can expect an emotionally charged performance and stunning visual production. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Dr Sin’s triumphant return to São Paulo. Get ready for an unparalleled musical experience that will be etched in your memory for years to come.

Watch Dr. Sin – “Never Go Down”: https://youtu.be/4K9_xRw0t1c

About Medjay:

With a proposal to make a power metal with the influence of Arab musicality and with a concept based on Egyptian mythology and culture, Medjay has in its founder, bassist Samuka, a historian and great enthusiast of the idea of merging Power Metal and ethnic sounds.

His first album “Sandstorm”, was produced and mentored by Rafael Bittencourt, in addition to participations by May Undead from Torture Squad and soprano Marilia Zangrandi. On the band’s second album, entitled “Cleopatra VII”, produced by Tiago Della Vega, the band featured vocalist Mafra, May Undead and Oula Al Saghir, a Syrian/Palestinian singer who has been a refugee in Brazil since 2015.

The idea for this project came up a few years ago when its founder and bassist was looking to create a serious authorial band where he could put Egyptian culture in his lyrics and concept. Samuka is a Historian and Philosopher, passionate about this rich culture with its myths and stories, Medjay was thought of as a Heavy Metal band with influences from Arab musicality.

After several shows alongside bands like Angra, Korzus and Torture Squad, the band brought several novelties to the public at this exclusive event. Medjay is formed by Samuka (bass), Phil Lima (vocals and guitar), Freddy Daniels (bass) and Riccardo Linassi (drums).

Watch Medjay’s music video – “Shemagh in Blood”: https://youtu.be/v4qcNoHR2tU

Dr. Sin and Medjay – Overture: Armiferum
Date: August 18, 2023
Location: Fabrica Space
Address: R. Barra Funda, 1071 – Barra Funda, São Paulo – SP, 01152-000
Time: 7:00 pm
Tickets online: https://fansociety. com.br/dr-sin-medjay-e-armiferum-em-sp__4848/
Values: R$ 40 (promotional lot) and R$ 60 (whole lot)

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